About Andrea Windsheimer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Andrea Windsheimer has carved out a reputation second-to-none in the ultra-competitive world of healthcare. She works closely with various clinical, medical, and policy departments – including their affiliated health systems – and all types of integrated providers for various aspects of diabetes, obesity, and chronic disease management. Andrea Windsheimer has demonstrated time and again an acute passion for making medications accessible to patients by focusing on patient-focused disease management, isolating the clinical and humanistic outcomes, and meticulously researching the cost effectiveness of medicines and treatments.

To this end, Andrea Windsheimer has mastered the important skill of strategic planning and management, and firmly believes that ethical leadership is of paramount importance in her current role as Senior National Managed Markets Medical Liaison with NovoNordisk International. She is highly-regarded for her ability to multitask and delegate, and is recognized as having an ideal personality for dealing with difficult personalities. She is extremely adaptable in various business settings, and utilizes criticism in order to continuously improve her already highly-developed skills-set.

Andrea Windsheimer has experienced a rigorous didactic and clinically-based education, with particular focus on health economics, evidence-based medicine, and regulatory and government affairs. She has developed innovative strategies through a profound understanding of the needs of team, practitioner and patients at national and regional levels, and offers decisive leadership to assist patients in the areas of acute and chronic disease preventation treatments. Furthermore, she has a proven management track record via education, treatment modalities, and self-care through collaboration, patient care, and advocacy. Indeed, she enjoys excellent internal and external team-based relationships with physicians, employers, payers, students, and non-health professionals on a daily basis, while always placing patient needs and the necessity of evidence-based medicines at the forefront of her professional thinking.

In her current position as Senior National Managed Markets Medical Liaison with NovoNordisk International, Andrea Windsheimer, Pittsburgh, PA,  has worked with some of the largest national payers and trade organizations to improve and augment the treatment of diabetes, obesity patient care, evidence-based medicines, and collaborative and independent strategic and educational initiatives. She has also been instrumental in implementing customer-focused innovations in disease-based management in accordance with customer needs. Indeed, it is her overwhelming concern for the needs of patients that impelled her to create collaborative groups and independent educational initiatives with both internal and customer-facing teams, by forming separate training strategies, a global library, a survey on population health, and improved market access. Andrea Windsheimer is also responsible for maintaining forward-thinking relationships between various vested groups and payers, PhRMA, physician and allied health groups, employer groups, and the patient population.

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