Andrea Windsheimer and Diabetes

Diabetes is one of those illnesses nobody wants to have, particularly if they learn that they can only control it through the use of daily insulin injections. Andrea Windsheimer knows this; she is an expert in the field, and her concern for her patients is legendary and heartening.

Currently, Andrea Windsheimer Pittsburgh PA is the Senior National Managed Markets Medical Liaison at NovoNordisk International; a real mouthful of a title for a very responsible and caring individual. She works hand in glove with policy, medical, and clinical departments, which includes working with the health systems affiliated with these departments. Furthermore, she works with various integrated providers for different aspects of the management of chronic disease, obesity, and diabetes.

This job is not only highly responsible; it is a lot of work. Andrea Windsheimer’s humanity shines through in her endeavors; she is dedicated to make various medications accessible to her patients. To this end, she concentrates on disease management that focuses on the patient. She sets apart the humanistic and clinical outcomes, and she provides meticulous research on the cost effectiveness of the various treatments and medicines.

Diabetes is not an illness that can, or will, just go away. Whatever type it is, it will have to be handled and managed; sometimes with diet, sometimes with insulin. Fortunately, Type 2 diabetes is preventable, a fact which everyone needs to know. Type 2 diabetes accounts for nearly 95 percent of all diagnosed diabetes cases among adults in the United States. This is a sobering statistic. Once diabetic, the disease lasts for a lifetime. Andrea Windsheimer is dedicated to making sure that knowledge of diabetes and its causes is widespread.

Type 1 diabetes is another story. It accounts for a much smaller percentage of diagnosed cases of diabetes, and in the case of Type 1, the cause is still unknown. One frightening realization is that, of the approximately 29 million people in the United States who have diabetes, somewhere around 8 million of them are still unaware that they even have it. The longer diabetes goes untreated, the worse it will be for the patient’s overall health.

Of all adults over the age of 20, approximately one out of ten has diabetes. With senior citizens, this statistic is one in every four. In the year 2012, nearly 2 million cases of Type 2 diabetes were newly diagnosed in adults in the United States.

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